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Learn More About Residential Solar Panels


Having solar power system in your home is a great venture that will fundamentally alter your fortunes. It will help you to save on the huge cost of electricity. Moreover, the installation of residential solar panels at home will ensure that there is no dependence on fossil fuel. It also helps to fight emissions of greenhouse gas. These are some of the advantages of using solar power over traditional electricity.

Why solar energy is better than electricity

Electricity is usually obtained from burning fossil fuel and natural gas to create energy. This burning process is dangerous to the environment because it emits toxic gas resulting in massive pollution of the air. On the other hand, the use of solar power is purely from the sun.

Safe power

It eliminates the need to burn tons of coal to obtain electricity. Also, the pressing challenges that come by when water is used to produce electricity will be avoided. The other obvious advantage of solar is its cheap cost. Advanced technology has now made it not only affordable but also cheaper to have solar panels installed in your home.

The features of modern residential panels

The installation of these panels on your roof can also give your home a better aesthetic look. You can opt for those made of low impact mounting technology for easy installation. The following are some of the features of modern panels:

  • They consist of integrated front skirts. These parts curve freely to your roof, thereby giving it sheer protection from the hard weather.
  • They do not consist of rail ends or top clamps that have jagged ends. This is a clear indication that your roof will have a smooth surface because the mounting hardware will not be visible.
  • The presence of redirected plumbing vents enables the best placement of the panels. This gives a continuous array that will even enhance the looks of the roof.
  • Overall lifespan of solar panels

    Most of the residential solar panels can last up to 30 years. Also, they do not need a lot of maintenance because you will only be required to remove leaves, snow and any other debris that will fall on top. Nonetheless, it is important to know that the lifespan of the panel varies depending on the quality of technology used.

    The photovoltaics(PV) used and the installation quality is also vital factors that will determine how long your panels …

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