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Cut Air Conditioning Costs

hand_is_holding_a_remote_control_of_air_conditionerHow A/c Consumes Energy

We all wish to remain cool during the summer season time. But sadly, the expense of air conditioning is ridiculous. Visit https://www.penair.com.au .How can the average citizen still keep paying hundreds of dollars per month simply to support their cooling requirements?

It does not look like a smart idea to keep paying that much cash simply for cool air. It is in fact possible not to. Did you understand that your a/c consumes more energy than any other device in your home? To be specific, your air conditioning unit burns 3500 watt-hours per watt hour of use. That is terrible compared with your television which just burns 75 watt-hours per hour of use. A routine window unit does not even burn that much, simply 900 watts. In contrast to your a/c unit, that is not that bad.

Why the Cost of A/c is so Pricey

As specified earlier, cooling burns 3500 watt-hours per hour. This can certainly raise the price on the power costs in just a matter of hours. The typical power expense for a house of three residents generally costs anywhere from 180 to 400 dollars a month. The majority (over half) of your bill originates from your a/c system. The older the system, the more energy it uses.

Sorts of Air Conditioners

Window a/c unit – These a/c unit fit easily inside of a medium size window. They usually do not utilize as much energy as central air conditioning units do. They usually just burn 900 watt-hours per hour.

Central air system – This is the one that costs a lot money. Attempt to prevent purchasing this kind of cooling system as much as possible. There are other great options to use that work just as successfully.

Ceiling fans – Believe it or not, ceiling fans can be a fantastic alternative to more expensive cooling systems because they work, and are likewise extremely inexpensive.

Attic fans – A fan that is mounts your ceiling. It works by bringing fresh air with open doors or windows in and pressing the air out with your attic. It is also fantastic for getting the hot air out of the attic.

Geothermal system – This is generally loops of piping set up under the ground that distribute water. It resembles the central air conditioning system, other than that the heat is gotten of the home and put inside of the earth. This system is a lot more budget-friendly as well.

Samsung-Split-Air-ConditionerHow You Can Cut Costs

1. Paint your walls a lighter color. Dark colors draw in heat, while lighter colors such as olive green, beige, and white tend to attract cooler air.

2. Set up a metal roofing or shingles. This works fantastic because metal shows heat far from the home.

3. Plant trees around your home. The shade will keep the sun from beaming directly down onto your residence and keep the heat away.

4. Set up blinds and drapes throughout your house. This will help to keep heat from can be found in through the windows.

5. Re-insulate your home. This might take a while and cash, however you will certainly be saving thousands in the long run if you put more insulation in your house to keep the heat from getting in.

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