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The Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

ergonomia_balansA kneeling chair is a chair that enables you to sit in such a position that the thighs are dropped to an angle of sixty to seventy degrees. This chair helps me relax by reducing decreasing lower back strain. It divides the body weight between buttocks and knees.

I do spend significant hours in a sitting position at my office desk and so I usually suffer from tailbone pain or coccyx.This is why I purchased this chair to help me relieve my pains, and it has worked really well for me.

The chair forms an open body angle since it lowers the angle of the lowers body and keeps the spine well aligned. When I get in this position and I lean inward, my body angle remains ninety degrees or even wider than that. Initially, I used to think that this device would make me have to bear all my weight on my knees which would make it hard in case of poor knees. This is not the case since I found out that, actually, some of my body weight is bore by the shins. The shin rests have a great purpose of keeping one from falling forward from the chair. A great quantity of the weight remains on the buttocks.

kneeling-chair-11Ever since I discovered this chair, sitting has become fun, my health and productivity have increased drastically. It has helped me maintain a good sitting posture even when I am really tired – balancing the spine over the pelvis, properly. The more movement the chair allows you, the better it is. With this chair, you can move forwards and backwards, side-to-side and even up-and-down. This is called active sitting and it prevents one of the worst sitting habits: slouching. Ever since I achieved active sitting, my core muscles have become stronger, my posture has improved greatly, my joints are less stiff, I have become more focused and I can say that I now have higher concentration levels than before; all because of the kneeling chair.

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