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Types Of Carpet Cleaning Methods Used By Firms

Most people are not sure which is best carpet cleaning company for your business or home. It is necessary to understand various types of carpet cleaning techniques, which are used by best carpet cleaning orange county, CA company. You should note that not all the methods can work for the carpet. The methods include:

Hot water extraction cleaning
This method is also called as steam carpet cleaning. In this method, high pressurized hot water is used to agitate carpet fiber and dissolve dirt that is on best carpet cleaning company 1your carpet. The process involves the use of cleaning agents on the soiled surface; Agitation is used with the brush and then followed by rinsing. The cleaning agent settles in the carpet for a very short duration. The carpet is left to dry in an air conditioned temperature.

Most firms will advise you to have your carpet cleaned in late afternoons. The carpet is then left to dry overnight. For instance, if the carpet is used in the office, operations can resume normal the next morning.

Carpet Shampooing
This type of carpet cleaning was very popular in the 1990s. This technology was used to clean heavily soiled carpets. The disadvantage with this technology is leaving a lot of wet residues behind. It becomes sticky after it dries because there is no rinsing done. Moreover rapid re-soiling of the carpet is the norm. This explains why this method is now considered less popular.

This method uses synthetic detergents as the base, which crystallize into powder form when they dry. Dirt particles in the carpet fiber are encapsulated into the powder foam. This method has overtaken shampooing technology as it uses less water and has shorter drying time. Advocates of environment recommend this method of carpet cleaning. Although this method delivers amazing results, the method does not clean heavily soiled carpets because of technology limitation.

best carpet cleaning company 2Bonnet Cleaning
This is a carpet cleaning technique that produces amazing surfaces. This is because the process involves cleaning some parts of the carpet using machines. The machine absorbs dirt from the carpet fibers. This method is commonly used in hotels. It also causes accumulation of the chemical residue in the fiber because of high pressure. For this reason, the method is not popular with households.

Dry carpet cleaning
This is a modern technology currently on the market. It has gained a lot of approvals and popularity from the leading carpet manufacturers. Cleaning compounds are made of biodegradable materials.

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